Saturday, July 2, 2011

creativity overload

I have too many ideas crammed into my head, with new ones barging their way in constantly. Blame it all on pinterest. It leads me from one DIY to the next, a new blog to another, a recipe to try yet again...AHHHHH! But I absolutely luuuurve it. I do. I'm in creative heaven now that I have more time to indulge in it.

After a loooong 2.5 hour walk exploring our city with Trav, Hank and Isla today (finally back into a home routine after travelling for most of the month,) I found the time to chop rhubarb out of our backyard. It's growing wildly in the back corner next to my garden boxes, and I've been eyeing it for quite some time. After getting a few tips from my awesome MIL, I've decided to take the plunge (rhubarb is something I've never ever worked with before, and I'm not sure I even like it). Travis loves rhubarb betty, so that's one of my many challenges for tomorrow.

I'm also planning on more DIY...for one, repainting and reupholstering our dining table and chairs. It sounds like a big job, but with the inspiration and amazing tutorials I've gathered from here, I'm ready to take it on...and am super excited for the overhaul. Our dining room is the one space in our house that isn't even close to how I envision it to be. I just came inside from an impromptu spray painting session of some lamp bases, and I'm super pumped with the results...especially because it was so easy.

And as another random side note...I found an amazing recipe (via pinterest of course) that yields CRISPY sweet potato fries every time. FINALLY! I love my sweet potato fries, but they often end up a soggy, burnt mess. I tested the recipe tonight...perfect. If you love these fries like I do, you better get on it.

And lastly, I have a baby shower to plan in - eep - less than three weeks! I'm excited to see it come together...more on that once I get pinning!

forgive me

I've been gone far too long. No excuses. Now look!

All better.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

bits & pieces

*I've been having major chocolate attacks lately! WTF?! And I don't mean the odd craving. Like, I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I do. Oh dear.

*Does anyone else think the song Judas by Gaga sucks?

*Loving the first dance sequence in Beyonce's "Run the World."

*The nursery is nearly to come after holiday!

*I'm reading Shania's book, From This Moment On. Kinda crappily written (really dumbed down), but I am interested in her story. Fame and the road there intrigues me.

*Is it just me, or does it seem like EVERYBODY (celebs included) is preggo? That's cool with me! More friends who are up for baby dates.

*I am OBSESSED with pinterest. Check out my boards! If you've never heard of it, go there NOW!

*I need to plant my garden and flowers right away...I hope waiting until after BC will suffice. At least I just helped my mother-in-law with her much larger garden, so I should get a little somethin' somethin' from there.

*My bestie better not have her baby before I'm home! I can't wait to meet Isla's new friend!!!!

*Wedding shower tomorrow! I love wedding season. And seriously plan to pretend I'm engaged and shop for a wedding dress again.

*I finally got a trim! Trav and I got side-by-side haircuts, with Isla sleeping between in her stroller. Funny stuff.

*Packing kinda stresses me out. Anyone else?

*I need a tan!

*I should go for a walk with Isla right now, but for some reason by energy is seriously lacking. (And it's windy!) Jillian video tonight I think. Why does my energy peak at 11 pm? (Perhaps because that's when the chiclet is in bed?)

*Just occurred to me that my plants need to be watered when I'm gone. Crap.

*I've been procrastinating on some writing projects. Double crap.

*I'm so ready to get away! Yayaya!

isla update

Here we are, Saturday afternoon. We leave for BC in a couple days, and I'll be MIA for a full two weeks! Woohoo! I still plan to internetz though.

Isla is sucking her hand right now. Not her fingers, but her full fist - her favourite past time these days. At nearly 16 weeks, she likes to stick out her tongue, chats and coos when you hum at her, cries more than she used to, eats a lot and often, and is beginning to roll onto her tummy. She officially laughed for the first time yesterday when I was sniffing her butt for a poop just cracked her up! AND, Trav caught it on video, bonus!

We headed to the doctor on Tuesday and she weighs 13 lbs 7 oz. Not sure the stats on that, but it seems alright to me! Today we strapped on a size 2 dipe too.

As for sleeping, we've got our little routine. Down at 7, feed at 4, then back to bed until 7 or so. Active time for an hour or two, and then we both crash. Luckily the past few days have allowed us to nap together ;) Although I imagine our road trip will shake things up a positive choice of words!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Before baby...

I was working frantically on this magazine (you can read it all there too). Since I left when everything was in draft form, a few changes have been made to my work...but you get the gist!

I'm about to eat some oatmeal, watching my little lady rolling - yes, rolling! - all over her play mat. She needs a bit of assistance to get on her stomach, but she's so close. Last night her and I napped from 5 to 7 (whoops!), then I fed her and she was in bed by 8:30...and didn't wake until 6 am! Wow. I just started following the principles (mainly much earlier bedtime) from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child that I got from the library; so far, so good!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my loves

Recap: Mother's Day was awesome. Slept in, and woke up with Isla in my arms and diamond earrings on my pillow. Ahhhhmazing. And it still would've been without the earrings part : )

bath time